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Our ‘Exposed!’ newsletter is published three to six times year and is sent to directly to subscribers through MailChimp email servide. Below are links to past newsletters. We send information about events, exhibitions and interesting art and photo ideas.

Sample newsletters

  • “Lightroom vs Photoshop”
    Post-processing is a tech-heavy process relying on processing power and software. When we talk about photo software we’re talking about Adobe’s cousins Photoshop and Lightroom. In this month’s Exposed Photo Newsletter, we look at your software options, what to buy and when..
  • “Be a Photo Superstar”
    Steve Nash is an unlikely basketball superhero. At 6’3″ he is short for a pro and he grew up in Victoria, BC, a spot known more for producing tea shops than basketball superstars. In this edition of Exposed! learn from Nash’s career to become photo superstars or photo business superstars.
  • “Top tips for buying lenses”
    A camera is just a box that holds recording media. Lenses are more important and allow a skilled photographer to create reality from their imagination. With this in mind we look at tips for buying lenses.

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