#624 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Reasons to try film photography

“That was terrible!” I exclaimed when I returned from picking up some newly processed medium format film I’d shot.

My ever-patient wife asked, “What happened?”

film photography Ottawa

Large format film photography - Graflex

When it comes to certain types of artwork, especially with film, it needs to be perfect, or it’s just plain “terrible!”

Film is a tricky medium. There are no guarantees — just experience and knowledge to help guide your way. I still shoot film for certain aspects of my photography work and in this edition of Exposed! we help answer the question “Why shoot film photography?” Below are many reasons some working and hobby photographers shoot with film:

Shooting with film

We’d also like to say a big thanks to our Exposed! sponsors who help make these free newsletters possible. This month visit Dave Andrews for some printing. He plays some fine music, too!

Dave Andrews


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