#623 Where are they now?

We recently asked some ProProgram graduates what they have done since graduating from the Program. We were impressed!

Today we feature Scott Martin who finished his program in 2010. He started his program and quickly developed a passion for music photography. That seems to have done well – he combined his background in web development, music and photography to develop SpotLightOttawa.com.

Scott says:

There were a lot of avenues I wished to explore with my photography. The problem was, I was feeling pulled in too many directions. I needed a starting point. For me, that was music. I’ve been a music junkie since I was 13. I love discovering new music/bands, and going to live shows. Tagging along with friends to Ireland 10 years ago for their weeklong tour was the reason I bought my first digital camera. So music it was.

Spotlight Ottawa


Earlier this year, I had someone from a media relations company contact me asking if I wanted to attend one of their artist’s shows and do something with the artist. It seemed open ended. What did that mean?? I enquired about an interview. Granted. Oh no!! Now what? I didn’t really want to post interviews on my photography site. I racked my brain for a few days. Because of that initial contact, my online music magazine Spotlight was born.

Four months in and I’m having a ball. We’ll see where it takes me. Being as shy as I am, that first interview was terrifying! I’ve done 4 more since. I’ve attended and photographed many shows. I have met new people. I have taken an interest in learning to become a better writer to post articles on my site. I have never been a fan of the word for word question/answer style written interview.
People talk about doing personal projects to help grow your photography. This online music magazine is my personal project.

It has opened up a new creative path in my life. Writing? Interviews? These aren’t things I envisioned myself doing a couple of years ago, but I’m having fun with it all. I hope I’m helping to introduce people to the great music coming out of Ottawa, as well as some of the great artists we have coming to Ottawa to perform.

Nice work, Scott. He’s grown well in many ways – photography, networking, contacts and business – all part of the ProProgram!



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