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What is old is new again. Climb aboard the growing resurgence of interest in film photography and darkroom skills. Once thought to be the wounded dinosaur of photography, film is becoming the new cool kid on the block.


Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011; 6pm-9pm
Saturday, Oct 22, 2011; 9am-1pm
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011; 6pm-9pm
Saturday Oct 29, 2011: 9am-2pm or Sunday Oct 30, 2011: 9am-2pm (if needed)

Saturday - The group meets to discuss cameras, film, loading, operating and proceed to go aon a short photo safari in central Ottawa with B&W film. We finish Saturday by learning to process film at the dark room location.

Sunday - Two smaller groups meet either morning or afternoon at the darkroom to learn to print!


Workshop is held in central Ottawa and central Hull.


$350 + applicable taxes

Ottawa Film Photography
Film Photography Renaissance!

Why film?!

Film photography is having a renaissance and we get more requests to learn about this art all the time. Film has distinct advantages for some specific uses:

What you will learn

Join Alex and Harry to cover the following:

What to bring

We encourage any form of film camera in good working condition. We can rent film cameras and lenses if needed. Do not worry about your equipment - all you need is a film camera and lens(es) - "point and shoot" cameras are fine for this course.

What is provided

We will provide:

Class size is limited to 6 people! Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information and to register. To reserve your spot we ask for a deposit of $125 and a complete registration form.

Small print and registration details.

Join Harry for the camera and Alex for the dark room sessions!

Who is Harry Nowell?

Harry Nowell:

  • is a working Ottawa based photographer with a studio on Preston St.
  • is a trained teacher of skills development.
  • licensed photo work all over the world.
  • recently judged a photo contest for Canadian Geographic

Who is Alex Leblanc?

Alex Leblanc:

  • is a high school media teacher
  • has a college degree in photography and a Bachelor degree in Visuals Arts
  • worked as a photography technician at the University of Ottawa arts centre
  • is an accomplished photographer operating a studio and darkroom
  • participates every year in a few photography exhibitions