#166 Life Magazine archives available on Google

Photo District News reports today that Life Magazine has teamed up with Google to make its huge photo archive available for viewing. Life still keeps a tight hand on the image’s copyright.


That leaves the door open for unlicensed use of the small file sized imagery.  However Photo District news quotes Life President Andrew Blau “Bloggers pasting photos into blogs are our lowest priority.” They continue, “LIFE’s first priority will be to pursue “blatant misuse,” such as unauthorized use of the images on commercial products, Blau says.”

Interesting times, as the realistic application of copyright protection continues to evolve! Read the whole PDN article.

Many of you have noticed I do watermark everything on my blog. I do so partly to:

  1. discourage unwanted use
  2. show pride in my work by attaching the watermark and
  3. promote my business in the event someone places one of my photos on their screensaver.


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