#363 Studio cyclist

Yesterday I blogged about the studio lighting course we ran for two of our Pro Program students and showed some behind the scenes shots of Nat and Scott (photographers) in action.

Student Studio Cycling Photo

Marc Champagne was our hard working model – although he looked like he was having a lot of fun!

Pro Program Photo Course

Pro Program Photo Course

Today it’s time to let the photographers shine. They did very well for their first time ever in a studio!

Pro Program Photo Course

The session was fun and very productive learning experience. I didn’t think I would like studio that much! Time just flew.

Pro Program Photo Course

Pro Program Photo Course

Nice work!

Check Scott’s blog to follow his photo path. Nat has a site in development – we will announce her site when it is ready!

One thought on “#363 Studio cyclist

  1. Thanks for the plug Harry……and the course as well. It was another example of what I have come to expect from you. Though it was a course on lighting, you went beyond f-stops and shutter speeds, discussing working with models and composition. The day just flew by!

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