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On Assignment with Andrew Balfour

Thursday, November 12 (7-9:30pm),
Sunday, November 15, 2009. (2-6pm).

$275 + applicable taxes

Both sessions are held at Andrew or Alana's studios in the Glebe, Ottawa, Ontario.

Develop your photo assignment skills with Andrew Balfour, studio asignment photographer. Join Andrew as you photograph a studio based location assignment at Ottawa Dance studio - Learn to assess, evaluate and set up studio lights, work with active models... all in the heat of an assignment scenario.

Andrew Balfour is a veteran studio based photographer working on location and in his studio. In over 20 years Andrew has worked with varied clients:

  • Bank of Canada
  • National Arts Centre
  • Minto
  • Holt Renfrew
  • and the World Health Organization

On Assignment with Andrew Balfour
On Assignment with Andrew Balfour at

The workshop
Join Andrew and his mobile studio equipment for an opportunity to learn the pressures of location based studio and assignment photography. You will meet Andrew to discuss the challenges set for you before practically learning to light the assignment scenario.

The first session will include lighting discussions, equipment selection and a preview of the assignment.

For the second session you will be involved in an assignment scenario where the set will be created to light the subjects appropriately. Students will have an opportunity to work with studio lighting and models. The session will finish with presentation and critique of a selection of your work.

Included in course fees will be instruction, location, studio lighting equipment and critique.

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"Is this a digital or film course?" It is a photography course - about creating better pictures. The emphasis is on your skills behind the camera and your ability to effectively use the SLR camera you have. We encourage digital cameras for this course for ease of critique. Film shooters will not have an opportunity to critique their work at the end of the practical session. Do not worry about your equipment - all that is suggested is a digital SLR camera and lens(es).



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