#348 Andrew Balfour – On Assignment

New workshop details are in!

Prominent Ottawa studio photographer Andrew Balfour will be sharing secrets of the studio with students fortunate to be taking this course. Andrew will open the workshop at his studio and share some theoretical ideas of studio lighting with some hands on demonstrations.

Days later Andrew will meet the group at a prominent Ottawa dance school – Dance with Alana – where photos will be created. The practical session simulates an assignment and Andrew helps guide students through the process of assessing the location, lighting and preparing for the action.

Over the session students get some practical hands on shooting under Andrew’s guidance.


  • Thursday, Nov 12th 7 – 9:30pm; Andrew Balfour’s studio in the Glebe by Lansdowne Park.
  • Sunday, Nov 15th 4 hour practical shoot at Dance with Alana in the Glebe – time being confirmed.

Cost: $275 + tax

Included: Instruction, use of studio equipment, shooting time.

Andrew Balfour - On Assignment

Andrew shooting at DanceWithAlana.com

Who is Andrew Balfour? Check his website. Or read the interview below:

HN: What is the highest profile shoot you have done?

Andrew Balfour: A few months after 9/11 I shot a sold out dinner where Prime Minister Jean Chretien was keynote speaker & President of Israel was guest of honour. Security was nuts with RCMP & Mossad everywhere. I was given a spot 70 feet from the podium to shoot from, but luckily was allowed to move once the speeches started & oddly by the end of dinner security was so relaxed that I was 3 feet from the dignitaries.

HN: What was your scariest assignment?

AB: 15 stories above Confederation Square in the bucket of a crane at morning rush hour (oh yeah the temperature was -30C), climbing on icy rocks at the edges of Rideau Falls to get the shot I wanted, photo flight in a Cessna also -30C that day.

HN: What was the assignment you enjoyed the most?

AB: Whatever’s coming up next!

HN: Who have you photographed?

AB: Prime Ministers, Governors General, Bank of Canada Governors, Diplomats, all kinds of people, all ages from a few days old to late 90s.
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