#230 More Student Successes!

We sometimes hear from past students on our workshops and always like to trumpet their successes!

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Yan Huckendubler has taken two sports photo workshops with HarryNowell.com. His first session involved the U20 World Cup Soccer Championships in Canada. Our students were granted media passes and sideline access to a world cup match. On Yan’s second workshop we had media access to a pro hockey game.

Pan Am Cup 2009

Yan also has a passion for field hockey and spends time helping the Canadian Team at International events. He is covering the Pan Am Cup in Chile supporting the team by photographing and managing the web site. He recently emailed some of his photos for the blog:

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Nice work Yan – great shots from a challenging event!

Coming soon we have two more sport photo workshops:

  • Sessions Sports Photo Workshop – June – we cover the world of cycling photography over a month – details comings soon
  • Polo Sports Photo Workshop – August 29, 30, September 2nd – test your sports skills alongside thundering horses!

Stay tuned and send a big cheer for Yan’s continued successes!


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