#838 Fall Photography Classes – taking better photos…

The fall photo workshop line-up is almost complete. There may be a couple of additions but here’s what’s hot and likely to help you:

• Take better photos.

• Smile more behind the camera.

• Figure out the basics (or advanced tweakings) of any camera.

• Understand the ideas of photographic art or vision.

• Learn how to handle your photos after the click.

• Discover new possibilities for the photos you take.

taking better pictures

Photo class - Ottawa

The photo courses:

Creative Fundamentals (Sept 19, 22, 26, 2012)

Confused by your camera? Disappointed by your photos? This is the course for you! We start from the beginning and take you as far as you are comfortable.

The Authorship of Photographs with Quinton Gordon (Sept 20-23, 2012)

Looking for more meaning in your photos or the process of photography? Check Quinton’s session.

Starting a Creative Business (September 27, 2012)

Wondering if a business is right for you? We have answers for your questions plus more. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

better sports photos

Capturing Summer Sports

Capturing Summer Sports with Blair Gable (September 29, 30, 2012.)

Experience life as a pro sports photographer with a pro sports photographer. Learn from a leading sports and event photographer.

Effective Selling Strategies for a Creative Business with Cedric Nowell (October 2, 2012.)

Many new photographers lack effective business skills. Learn to sell your services from a 36 year sales veteran. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Night Light (October 19, 20, 24, 2012.)

How to take finer photos at night  – better special effects photography!

better low light photos

Night Light Photo Course

Mastering Lightroom with Peter Handley, RGD (October 20 and / or 27, 2012.)

Learning Adobe Lightroom – How to manage photos after clicking. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Photography for Communications Professionals (November 1st, 2012)

How to take better work place photos. Photos of speeches, events, executives, must-get-moments? Better photo successes. Impress your boss.

better workplace photos

Photography for Communications Professionals

Learn the basics of book binding with Mary McIntyre  (November 10, 11, 2012.)

What do you do with your pictures? Turn your photos into books!

Online Photo Program (Anytime)

Better photos from anywhere and any time. Learn on your schedule.

Custom Photo Courses (Anytime)

Learn how you want, where you want, anytime, anywhere.

See all the courses.

Join us this fall…

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