#978 Platform Sessions at the Photo Studio

Platform Sessions

Based on successes in the last few years, this fall we are introducing Platform Sessions at Ottawa Studio Works.

Platform offers a space and time to bring a selection of interesting photo, arts and related events to photo and arts enthusiasts.

presentation at Ottawa photo studio

Ottawa Book Award Winner – Jamie Findlay – at Ottawa Studio Works

Effectively, we are offering a platform from which people can speak and show interesting ideas to the community:
• slideshows
• tech nights
print presentations
• critique sessions
• equipment exchanges
• socials
book readings

We’re open to your ideas and would love to hear from you!
Cost? Dates? Events?
We’re making it up as we go…

Stay tuned to our workshops page to see what’s coming up… We’ll be adding some events in August.

photo presentation - Ottawa

Print Presentation at the photo studio

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