#832 Creative Business Seminar Series – starting a business…

We’ve been in business a long time and made many, many mistakes. I’ve also taught many photographers and helped them start their creative businesses.

The photography is hard but easier to learn than the business side.


Because most new photographers LOVE photography but don’t love the challenges presented in business.

We’ve shaken up our long running “Creative Business Seminar” into smaller different segments to help people answer:

• What’s involved in starting a business?

• What do I need to succeed?

• I have artistic skills… but how am I ever going to sell my work?

• How am I ever going to manage my own collection of artwork?

• How can the web help my business?

Our new Creative Business Seminar Series allows photographers and other creative people answers to these questions! We’ve gathered some experts to help you answer these types of questions.

Creative Business Seminar Series

• Is a Creative Business Right for Me?

September – In this seminar we provided questions and insights to help you find answers. This is based on many early business mistakes and years of teaching the Creative Business Seminar.

How to start a new business

Harry Nowell

• Learn Better Selling Strategies for Creative Businesses

October – We have brought in a veteran sales man who spent almost 40 years learning sales techniques, sales strategies and developing trusted relationships with clients based on solid communication skills.

how to sell

Cedric Nowell, 36 year veteran salesman

• “Managing your Creative Work

October – We’ve got a seasoned graphic designer to assist you in developing a library as well as refining your work and using the powerful output tools of Adobe Lightroom.

Peter Handley Lightroom expert

Peter Handley, Registered Graphic Designer

• “Web Basics for Business”

Coming soon… We’re there to help you decipher the world of web. We explain strategies to harness the web and get people finding you and your business!

#49 The Seminar

This is Harry again.

I presented the Creative Business Seminar on Sunday to a diverse group of people. Participants included:

  • photographers
  • artists
  • a graphic designer
  • a technical writer
  • a web person
  • small business owners
  • part time business owners and
  • prospective business owners

Participants brought many diverse views and ideas to the table making it a great learning experience – for me too! Thanks to OCRI’s Entrepreneurship Centre for their support.
The next Creative Business Seminar has been set for November 2nd, 2008. See some student’s comments.

For more business ideas explore my recent Exposed! article:

“What is Your Photo Worth? The Business of Photography

Scott, my assistant on a two week work placement, will be posting a fine photo (of me) soon!

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