#864 Photo Class Feedback

It’s been a good week. At the risk of tooting our own horn we’d like to share some unsolicited feedback we received for our photography courses and portraits.

We received this note about CK’s experiences so far on our online photo program:
Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your monthly challenges.  You have taken the Online Workshops to a different photography level and have me thinking outside the photo norm.

Frankly I was feeling a little bored and unchallenged before your On-Line Workshops.  Bravo to you!  You have done it again by sharing such great photography techniques.  Love that fact that I can work at my own pace and time frame.
Great Job!

Online photo course

Online photo course

And Erica sent this note about her family photos:
I just wanted to let you know we had a peek at the photos tonight, and really loved them!  What a fun session, and you managed to catch some really candid, natural shots of everyone!  THANK YOU!

Fun family photos

Fun family photos

And PR sent this unsolicited note about the Lightroom seminar we presented at our photo studio by Peter Handley:
Harry, just to let you know that today’s workshop on Lightroom was Fantastic. Thank you and Peter. Looking forward to next Saturday. Hope your Night light workshop went as fun as last years. Have a great week.

Now, it’s true we receive feedback regularly but it’s always nice when it comes!
And a big THANKS to all of our students and clients – without YOU this couldn’t happen.

#82 Sports photography

This weekend I am running the sport photography workshop – we will be covering a criterion race in central Ottawa – racers travel many times around 1.2km city course.

Photo students also have the opportunity to borrow available pro level photo equipment from Headshots.

bike photo
It’ll be fun!

Stay tuned for a race report next week.

Also look for a photo quiz next week with a prize from ChelseaGallery.ca