#93 Canada Day!

It’s been a busy few weeks with little time off. I managed some down time but this is a busy time for work. I just finished shooting some of the Jazz Festival for the Sun newspaper and the Ottawa Bluesfest is about to ramp up.

I have also just submitted work for a custom stock assignment for the federal government – shooting a themed selection of imagery.

My recent Ottawa Magazine feature is hot off the press featuring Bluesfest’s 15th anniversary.

I also shot a family plus portrait at a cottage. Family plus? Some group photos and then some candids (candids are always more fun) at this family reunion. That was yesterday but feels like a week ago.

Remember blog post #77? I publicly announced I intended to have my main agency’s submission out the door by June 18th. Well it happened – it was down to the wire but done. The publicly stated goal helped get it done. Speaking of goals I just mailed students on my Creative Business Seminar the goals they made in April.

I also just bought a 14mm prime lens. Nice for digital and film bodies. Very nice. And today I just bought a 4×5 “press” camera for a personal project. I have never shot large format. The film is huge. I am very excited!

Tomorrow is July 1stCanada Day. It’s Harry day, too – my birthday. I will be 40 in a few hours. It’s a big holiday. I had hoped for a day off but there will be an hour or two of work. Delivery of family portraits. Oh, and some “research” with the new 4×5. The research is more fun than work.

Later this week I have an “Executive Portrait” – clean crisp head shot – no crazy candids there. A very different style of portrait than the family affair. Check my Natural Light Portrait course if you’re curious about better people pictures.I am also teaching a custom course to a woman traveling with a personal photo project.

So tomorrow, in honour of Canada and my birthday I will be skipping a blog post.

Sorry. It’s gotta happen.


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