#88 Winners, jazz greats and stunning people

This week at the photoblog of HarryNowell.com we hope to share:

  • news and views of my work at Ottawa Int’l Jazz fest
  • a report on a stunning person’s camera ability
  • new info on copyright
  • a student photo
  • a review of my stock goals
  • and today… the answer and winner of the last week’s photoblog quiz and contest

Last week I showed this photo and asked:

photo quiz
What was the shutter speed used to capture the motion of the swing photo?
What was the approximate aperture?
Where was the camera?

The Answer: I shot this with a slow shutter to get the blur – 15th second and a small aperture – f16 or f22. I used a fixed focal 15mm on a film rangefinder camera – no zoom. Camera was held in my right hand – just plain motion blur.

Curious to learn more? Consider my Creative Fundamentals Photo course in September in Gatineau Park.

The Prize Winner: Al G. of Ottawa was the first to correctly provide a good answer. Congratulations Al! He chose this ChelseaGallery.ca photo prize:


More tomorrow…


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