Portrait Retouching Essentials with Blair Gable

Learn to process portraits with a leading editorial and commercial photographer.

Participants will learn basic-to-intermediate portrait retouching techniques that editorial, commercial, and wedding photographer Blair Gable uses. Some portraits only need a little work and some need a lot, this workshop will take participants through simple-to-complex portrait retouching techniques.

Better Portraits

Portrait Retouching with Blair Gable

What you will learn:
Learn Blair’s portrait retouching workflow, including toning, colour correction, skin retouching, and sharpening. Blair will teach you how to use the liquify tool, create actions, use adjustment layers and layer masks. We will also talk about some third-party retouching software.

Level of participant: At least basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to make their portraits look better using post production techniques

What you should bring: Brain, laptop and/or notebook with Adobe Photoshop.

Better Portraits with Blair Gable

Peter Milliken – Photo Retouching © Blair Gable

Who is Blair Gable?
Blair Gable works as a photojournalist and confesses to be an obsessed iPhoneographer!

He currently works as an independent photojournalist supplying photo work to Reuters, Maclean’s magazine, Globe and Mail, and many other national and international magazines, newspapers and agencies. Blair has photographed Obama, Princess Kate, the Queen, Stephen Harper, Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Blue Jays among a long list of well known names.

February 22nd, 2014
Time – 1-4 pm
Cost – Only $100 (+tax) for a 4 hour safari with one of Canada’s leading photojournalists.
Central Ottawa


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Retouching Portraits

Business coach Lynn MacFarlane © Blair Gable