#1030 Special Deal on the Online Photo Challenge

In light of the festive season where many people are challenged to find meaningful gifts we offer you a special deal on our Online Photo Program.


Limited Time Special Offer
We’re offering a special deal to help you buy a worthwhile gift while saving you some $money.
• Six month membership is normally $195 + HST.
• Until Saturday December 14th, we’re offering six months for only $160 + HST.
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Online photo class

Online Photo Challenge – “Straight from the Camera” – © Alan Garner

What’s so good about our online class?
Well… Let me count the ways:
1. Challenge!
Each new monthly challenge offers photographers a reason to practice and grow.
2. It’s interactive!
Every month we present material, you submit photos, I offer critique and EVERYbody has the opportunity to share on the Private Facebook group!
3. New content every week.
We send an email linking to new content four times each month. Most regular courses last one to eight weeks after which many people’s passions dwindle. Our online program keeps you engaged every week!
4. Better Photos
Yes, your photos will improve.
Erm, I should add it’ll take some effort on YOUR part but we provide a platform that supports your growth in a fun, interactive and supportive way.
[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

Better Photos

Better Photos through our Online Program – © Maisie Ismail

5. It’s cheap!
Cheap like inexpensive, not cheap like crappy!
The normal price works out to $32.50/month. With this special offer it’s even cheaper!
6. Get inspired 
There are many members with amazing work.
There are many members grappling with he same challenges that you are, photographically!
On both the program and the interactive, private Facebook forum you will find people to help, inspire and support you!
7. It’s fun!
Yes, it is.
8. There’s a crazy guarantee
If, in the first month, you decide you don’t like it we offer a money back guarantee.

Last month we offered a “Straight from the Camera” challenge. It was designed to help photographers develop better in-camera photos so as not to rely on post processing to fix mistakes.

Online photo program

Online Photo Challenge – learn to properly make whites white in the camera! © Gilles Gagnon

Members said:
I realized just how challenging it is to take one’s time in order to get it right.   This month has provided me with an even greater appreciation for the craft. Thanks for the great challenge!” MI

Thanks again for helping me learn more about photography!” CS

Join us or have a loved one join us.
It’s easy.
Special price of $160 + HST lasts only until Saturday December 14th.
Register online right now!
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