Photography for Art Promotion

“Harry’s [Photographing Artwork] workshop was one of the main attractions for attendees. Harry’s presentation was full of simple, effective solutions that were explained in a fun and lighthearted way.” Sara Washbush – Ontario Craft CouncilPhotographing Artwork for Promotion.

Your Artwork or Craft 

You have spent years honing your work to its current perfection. Your invested energy means little if it is not represented well to juried shows, galleries, magazine editors or buyers!

Learn how to photograph your own work simply, effectively, consistently to get noticed and chosen!

Photographing Artwork Seminar
Fiore d’Henriquez

What you will learn:

  • camera capabilities
  • appropriate file sizes, types and white balance
  • options for simple, inexpensive lighting or DIY studio set ups
  • elements of focus and depth of field to show three dimensions
  • compositional and perspective considerations to show your work the best way possible
  • effective and simple computer processing of photos

Who will benefit?

This seminar is appropriate for people who produce creative work who need to make a good impression!

Paul Saindon

Painting © Paul Saindon

Paul Saindon – Fine Artist

About Harry

Harry is a assignment photographer, stock photographer, photo educator, and public speaker. Harry shoots for editorial, corporate, public and private clients. For the past ten years, Harry has attracted students and audiences to photo workshops and speaking events on a range of subjects from photography to small business to personal growth/team building all supported by his photography. Harry is valued by his students for his patience, enthusiasm and his ability to make complex photography accessible.

Space is limited! Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information or to register with a human.

La Fab; Old Cheslea, Qc
March 22nd, 2014;
$75 + taxes