#451 Thanks for the feedback

When I wrote the latest Exposed! newsletter – “Breathing Life into Your Photos” – I was mildly concerned how people would react – I thought it may have focused too much on the soft skills side instead of tangible hard skills of photography.

But, we received very positive comments:

  • I always enjoy your newsletters but this is the best one yet.
  • Thanks for this article on “breathing” Harry!  I loved it!  Far too often do I get wrapped up in taking a picture…
  • … thank you for your really good bulletins. I am using it to practice and improve my skills. They are like a mini workshop each time.

… etc. ‘Exposed!’ usually brings in mail but this newsletter seemed to hit a cord with people!

This also happened in the fall – I wrote “Five Myths of the Photo Business” and was a little concerned it would not do well because some take other opinions – the article was inspired by a government client who could not believe we would charge extra for a second, very different usage!

But this article also made waves – the article got picked up nicely throughout North America causing the biggest Exposed! spike we have ever received! It, too, hit a cord.

Thanks for the feedback – it keeps me writing photo newsletters and blog posts!

Breathing Life into Your Photos - Exposed! Photo Newsletter

"Breathing Life into Your Photos" - Exposed! Photo Newsletter

#450 Fashion Photo

I’ve mentioned the Working Creatives group – a networking group for people working full time in creative fields.

Well, on Wednesday night Brittany Veinot organized the team at Studio Four 30 to put on a collaborative Fashion Photo Shoot for members of Working Creatives. It was a resounding success with one of our biggest turnouts ever.

The team brought in stylists, models & agent and extra lighting for the fun.

Thanks Brittany and Studio Four 30!

Some of the candid event:

Denis Murphy

Denis Murphy introduces the group

Lucas Nault discusses styling

Lucas Nault discusses styling

#449 Breathe Life into your Photos

We are delivering our April Exposed! newsletter to subscribers tomorrow:

“Breathe Life into your Photos

In this edition of Exposed! we explore ideas related to making better photos starting with the most simple elements like breathing.”

Whether winning a world championship (Dan Burke, below) or photographing a world champion you need to train yourself to perform!

Interested in receiving the newsletters? Send us an email – Harry@HarryNowell.com or subscribe to ‘Exposed!’ – above right.

Whether winning a world championship (Dan Burke, above) or photographing a world champion you need to train yourself to perform!

Whether winning a world championship (Dan Burke, above) or photographing a world champion you need to train yourself to perform!

#448 Photo Workshop Reviews

In the last couple of weeks we have completed a number of photo courses in Ottawa:

Photography for Communications Professionals – Participants from communications departments shared experiences and developed skills to make them shine! Some feedback:

Photography for Communications Professionals is the perfect length, perfect structure, and perfect information for government photographers. One of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced.” A.P. – Ottawa

Printing with Dave Andrews – we had a full house for our first workshop with Dave Andrews. Smiles developed and light bulbs popped as participants learned to navigate their way through printing perplexities.

Night Light Photo Course – aside from an unexpectedly chilly evening we had perfect weather for exploring the changing magic of lights at night. Monique offered a couple of successes for the blog, below – Thanks Monique!

Missed your chance to participate this spring? Watch for all these photo courses to appear again in Ottawa in the fall of 2010.

Night Light Photo Course - OttawaNight Light Photo Course – Ottawa
Night Light Photo Course - Ottawa

Night Light Photo Course - Ottawa

#447 Paul Nicklen – photo spotlight

Paul Nicklen dives under ice and water with a camera for a living. As a wildlife biologist turned photographer his work is often featured by National Geographic.

A reader recently sent us a link to a video featuring Paul’s quest for Leopard Seal Photos in the Antarctic.

The footage glows because of the brilliance of the location but really shines because of the story of the massive predatory Leopard Seals reaction to Paul’s presence – the Leopard Seal tries to feed Paul’s camera – ever wanted interior close ups of a wild carnivore’s mouth?

See Paul’s story via YouTube.

#446 Congratulations Claude!

In the world of Ottawa/Gatineau portraiture there are many people who do excellent work. One has recently received a prestigious award.

Claude Brazeau has won the Professional Photographer’s of Ontario‘s Portrait Photographer of the year award for 2010. Claude specializes in weddings and has worked hard to be awarded this honour!

Congratulations Claude!

Portraiture is a very personal art form. There are many excellent photographers with many different styles. Compare Claude’s work to some other styles (our work – below) and at DavidTrattles.com and Jill Greenberg’s Manipulator.com

Ottawa Portrait Photography

Ottawa Portrait Photography

HarryNowell.com Ottawa Portrait

HarryNowell.com Ottawa Portrait

Ottawa Portrait Photography

Ottawa Portrait Photography

Ottawa Portrait Photography

Ottawa Portrait Photography