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Dave Andrews is a photo printer providing prints for photographers and fine artists for almost forty years.

Join Dave on this exploration of photo printing basics geared towards the home based beginner or intermediate printer with no previous training:

Then this is a course for you!

Dave Andrews

Who is Dave Andrews?

Dave Andrews has worked on high profile printing projects for prominent artists and clients. His work hangs around North America. You likely see his work every day.

Dave is humble! For specifics, he only wants me to say: "Dave has been making prints for almost 40 years starting in his Dad's basement. Coming from a photography family - his father was a career photographer and his father's father was an avid amateur" - Dave says his printing work comes from "a place in me that gives me great joy in what I am doing, how it is being done and who I am doing it with."

His printing skills and knowledge are unmatched in the Ottawa area.


Saturday, March 26, 2011 (1-4pm)


Ottawa Studio Works


$100 + applicable taxes

What you will learn

Join Dave as he takes you through the printing process from camera to print. You will learn about:

What to bring

This is an open seminar based workshop. Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information and to register. We ask for full $100 (+taxes) payment to reserve your spot.
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