#444 Free photos!

It can be frustrating… free photos.

I have lost work to people offering free or close to free photos to paying, commercial  clients. A colleague, Brian, who shoots music, festivals and fashion sent me a link to a recent news article that is all too telling.

Now, truth be told, there are two charitable groups I support with some photography once a year – one being the SPCA of West Quebec. That aside, it can be frustrating to lose work, usually to amateurs, who love to see their photos used.

It’s no fun to get scooped but the effect of digital cameras is here to stay. This free phenomenon has dramatically changed the stock photography industry, festival photography and many others areas.

The value of photos like the one, below, has drooped because so many people are willing to give them away.

Free photo phenomenon

Free photo phenomenon

As frustrating as it is, photographers have to adapt. Free is not going away. Pursuing larger clients who recognize the value of fine work, branching into areas like video that are less affected by the free phenomenon and seeking out new markets are ways people are looking to make up for lost revenue.


Thanks Brian.

2 thoughts on “#444 Free photos!

  1. No problem Scott.
    It’s a tough area – especially for new working photographers breaking into the field.