#107 – Iceland sharks, horses and Viking trolls

This is the continuing post of my recent Icelandic photo adventure. We traveled for two weeks – some was vacation with my wife – some was work for my agencies after my wife returned to Canada.

Viking Trolls

There is a lot of Viking lore and history in Iceland, of course. Icelandic people descended from Scandinavia and Ireland/Scotland and have provided a hotbed of genetic research as the people are quite isolated, genetically. Research has shown most of the men descended from Scandinavia while most women descended from Celtic regions. Very curious!

The Icelandic people have written literary masterpieces – the Icelandic sagas. Recent authors are winning awards, too! There is also much suggestion of trolls and mythical creatures. Ahem:

Icelandic Photo Adventure – HarryNowell.com

Fermented Shark

We visited a farm on Snæfellsnes and saw their small fishing and shark museum. Icelanders still catch the Greenland shark – an arctic, cold water species that thrives in sub-zero water. The shark is toxic to eat because of the ammonia based, natural ‘antifreeze’ that allows it to survive its habitat.

Icelandic Photo Adventure – HarryNowell.com

It is edible after being buried or cured for four months. We got to taste this delicacy – Hákarl. It is disgusting – the overpowering ammonia drowns out any other flavours. If you are there you have to try it!

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Photo Adventure – HarryNowell.com

The horses are small, stocky and hardy. Beautiful and curious, they emigrated from the celtic and nordic regions with the Icelandic people. Spectacular animals!


3 thoughts on “#107 – Iceland sharks, horses and Viking trolls

  1. Harry,
    Always have wanted to go to Iceland, maybe some day I’ll make it. The Icelandic horse does it for me, being a horse lover. Way to go! Sue

  2. Hello! I was looking at your icelands photos and I was wondering, in wich part of iceland did you see that Troll statue? Me and my girlfriend are going there on april and would love to see some troll statues or history as well.

    Thanks a lot!


  3. The troll lives in Geysir, a fairly touristy part of the country with many spouting geysers!

    Have a great trip – it’s an amazing place!