#174 Wise Photo Quotes

Here it comes – a couple weeks ago I posted our latest Exposed! photo newsletterWise Words from Working Photographers. Other quotes started coming in – wise words – from photo fanatics. Today is the start of a feature where those tidbits are shared.

To start off this section Exposed! reader Dave sent in these wise words:

  • Hang out with those who are better than you
  • Don’t look where you don’t want to go” Both figuratively and literally. If you don’t like the shot don’t force it, find something new.
  • I took a water colours class once in Algonquin park. Kinda fun. the
    instructor had this method he referred to as “look, see, paint”… of
    course I adopted it to “look, see, shoot“… in that order.
  • For business, my sister taught me “power perceived is power
    “… I take this as looking confident is as good as being
    confident. Hence why I did a photo gallery a few years back even though
    I  didn’t think my material was the best, others still liked it. As soon
    as I did an exhibit I was then known as a photographer, instead of just
    someone who took pictures.

Thanks Dave!

More quotes in the next post. Winter has arrived in Ottawa – below is a stock photo from a shoot in our fun winters!

winter driving stock photo


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