#173 – Neil Young in concert

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I keep saying tomorrow I will post wise quotes as a follow-up to my last Exposed! Newsletter “Wise Words from Working Photographers.”

Alas, regular programming has been interrupted again. Last night I went to see Neil Young in concert in Ottawa. I was a paying fan this time not a media photographer. So I was not going to comment on this blog… but it was a good show! Read a review and some media shooting ideas, etc.

Neil Young Review

First, Neil Young was pretty amazing. His wife was his back-up singer – nice to see them together. There were all kinds of idiosyncrasies on stage like the fine artist hidden at the back working on canvasses. He did an encore… a set of Beatles tunes. Oh, I admire what he has done.

I left all cameras at home – even my teency point and shoot – as I was not working. And I was longing to be shooting the show. That’s a good sign – if the spark or urge to shoot doesn’t exist that’s a sign of burn-out!

Ben HarperBen Harper

Shooting Concerts

I also checked the media pit at the front of the stage – I recognized veteran Ottawa media photographer John Major. I have shot a little for newspapers and it’s a tough job down there in the pit. Technically, there are some challenges beyond solid skills – mostly anticipating the performers and being in the right place at the right time.

The tough part can be the logistics. At performances, photographers usually get 10 minutes or 1-3 songs to capture their photos. Shows often start at 9pm. Deadlines are often between 9 and 10pm. You need to shoot, download, edit and send photos in a very short period of time. Any significant glitches and you are cooked. Neil Young should be front page of a newspaper section – there is no room for glitches!

Feist Feist

Past Work

I have shot many shows with work going to different clients from the Ottawa Sun to Tourism Canada. Photos have appeared in magazines, newspapers and websites in the US and Canada. Some coverage:

  • Ben Harper
  • Feist
  • Allison Kraus
  • Michael Franti
  • Hedley
  • George Thoroughgood
  • Jame Brown
  • Brian Adams
  • ZZ Top
  • Buddy Guy

See select photos at ChelseaGallery.ca

Buddy GuyBuddy Guy

Regular programming resumes… soon,


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