#172 New Nikon flagship – D3x

New Nikon flagship – D3x

Ok, ok, I know I said yesterday I would be posting photographer’s wise quotes on creativity and photo but I just saw a review of the new Nikon D3x. So this news pre-empts regular programming!

The Nikon D3x has been a long awaited mythological machine – rumoured for many months to be “available soon“. The hubbub existed because the new D3x was expected to answer many Nikon users requests:

  • Full frame sensor  – no more silliness with DX lenses and multiplication factors
  • AND a reasonably big file size 

I say a “reasonably big file size” because it is not BIG. It is as big as available in production models currently available. I have been asked for BIG files from prospective clients and that meant film. The D3x now produces a file as large as I can get from a 35mm piece of film on my Imacon/Hasselblad scanner. The D3x will produce a different looking file – film and digital have their own distinct looks.

I never liked the DX format. It exists because the chip (sensor) in the camera is smaller, therefore costing less to produce. The small sensor creates a smaller file size – ie less pixels. The DX format also causes your 50mm lens to work like a 75mm lens which is great if you want long telephoto lenses but a struggle if you like the wide angled fun.

I am curious about the D3x. I have digital cameras but really use them for smaller work – magazines and other work where the required output is smallish. The D3x would open my digital sourced capability – it may be time to look at a purchase.


And tomorrow, back to regular programming…


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