#175 Wise quotes, continued

Last month my ‘Exposed!’ Newsletter featured ‘Wise Words from Working Photographers‘.

Readers sent in more favourite quotes. John Milleker from Baltimore, USA offered his version of Dave’s quote posted yesterday. He says:

Study those who are better than you but hang out with those who aren’t.

John explains:

“The quote ‘Hang out with those who are better than you.’ really got me thinking. I really believe the opposite or at least an adjustment of the rule.

I think I’m able to sum it up with this: ‘Study those who are better than you but hang out with those who aren’t.

At least where I am now in my photography, I have more times been inspired by a beginning photographer than the big named photographers we have grown to love. Sure, there are plenty of big names that I follow and admire but something happens when we grow in our photography. A lot of us move so far ahead that we forget the simple and aim for the complicated.

A beginner’s eye can remind us of the things that excited us when we first started out and their questions can get us thinking again about the hows and whys we do things the way we do.

For anyone at a level above beginner or hobbyist, I encourage you to attend or set up a meet-up, perhaps hold a workshop or a class. It’s a win-win situation. The beginners learn from a more advanced photographer and you’ll surround yourself with fresh minds.

Thanks John!

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