#15 Lunar Eclipse

Ok, sometimes I should pay more attention to current events. I stepped outside Wednesday at 10pm and looked up. Instead of a regular full moon I saw a ball of fire in the sky. It was a lunar eclipse.I went inside and pulled out an available camera and tripod and caught these photos. There are three distinctly different photos exposed for differently lit parts of the moon – my students often hear “What are you exposing for?”Lunar EclipseThey are not stock quality. If this was a stock shoot I would have prepared differently allowing more time for fine details – locking up the mirror, using a bigger lens and taking more care at making the tripod and camera absolutely, completely rock solid. Most are not as sharp as they should be for stock.  It was a fun discovery and a fun “blog assignment”. I thought my work day was more or less over but you just never know…Harry  

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