#16 The weekend

Weekend is a funny term for Harry, Inc. It has a different pace than the weekday but, sometimes, there is still lots to get done for work, and this was one of those weekends. Remember that ice fishing assignment for Canadian Geographic? The photos needed editing, processing and preparation for delivery. Another project needed some attention to remove it from the backburner – its Tuesday deadline is fast approaching. So, while we still skied, watched a little Oscar and I played some outdoor hockey, I spent a significant chunk of time on the less glamourous side of the  photo world!I did get a photo from the writer, Bruce Gillespie, for the CanGeo story. He sent this picture of me phoning home during a beautiful day on Lake Nipissing, near Callander, Ontario.Harry Nowell on Lake Nipissing for Canadian GeographicIt is rare that I have a full day off but you will also regularly find me taking an ‘executive lunch’ on the Gatineau Park ski trails or taking some downtime when others are in rush hour. I like to make sure there is the right dose of fun and work.Back soon,H  

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