#48 Movement on the water

Scott here again. I thought I’d show you some samples of my work that represent my style of photography. These images were both taken during the 2007 season. Both of them using a panning effect to bring some motion into the images.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing are actually quite popular in Ottawa. These photos were taken at Britannia Park, which is the most popular spot in Ottawa for these sports.

This summer and fall I hope to focus my photography more specifically on capturing the action here in Ottawa as well as abroad. I like to keep my photos dynamic because it reflects the most significant aspect of windsurfing that keeps every sailor hooked to the sport. It’s probably one of the most unique sports because it’s a different experience every time you go out, and there is a variety of disciplines/styles to tackle.

The changing water conditions, fluctuating winds, and the movement of the board and sail together create an experience that’s unmatched by any other activity. This is what I want my photography to represent.

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