#67 Prize awarded

Congratulations go out to Deanna S. who correctly answered the first photo blog contest at HarryNowell.com!

The question:

I asked for the appropriate lens for a tricky assignment. See blog post #66 for the complete question.

The answer:

A large apertured, moderate telephoto lens would get the shot well! I would choose an 85mm f1.8 lens to let as much light into the camera while still allowing a moderately fast shutter speed. A mid range zoom – 80-200mm – with a wide aperture of f2.8 would also be a good choice.

Deanna wins a print from ChelseaGallery.ca! Competition was fierce with the first two correct answers arriving minutes apart. Stay tuned for the second photography blog contest at HarryNowell.com in June.

Nice work Deanna,


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