#66 Contest day!

Blog contest (prize to be awarded!):
You are at a small festival and watching a local jazz musician getting intimate with his sax. You were lucky enough to get a front row view. The jazz man is 3m (10 feet) from you. It’s 8pm and the daylight is fading. The stage lights are starting to shape the light.

sax player

If you were doing an available light (no flash), photojournalistic portrait of the sax player from the waist up, what lens would you use?
I don’t care about the brand. I want to know the focal length & aperture. Zoom or fixed focal lens? Why?

Need help? Check this Exposed! article for ideas. It describes some shooting ideas and a photo from the Ottawa’s Bluesfest extravaganza!

Answers: The first reasonable and fully correct answer will receive a ChelseaGallery.ca print like the one mentioned yesterday. Please submit your complete answers via e-mail: Harry@HarryNowell.com.

The winner will be contacted by e-mail. A mailing address is needed to send the prize! Correct answer and winner will be announced next week.

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