#68 Photographers beware!

Everybody’s out to save a buck – even large multinational corporations – and photographers seem to be easy targets!

I was cruising photographervoter last week and came across a link to Lightchasers – a Phillipines based photo web site. They posted a story about a large US based oil firm that has asked the public to donate photos to the company for commercial use. The payment? – a ‘chance’ to win a prize.

It gets worse – please read the posting and just say no to donating photos to large business looking to save the price of well executed photo work!!

For more info read my recent photo newsletter article on the ‘Value of Photography.’

In other news there will be new work posted on ChelseaGallery.ca soon. One of the new prints soon to be available:

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3 thoughts on “#68 Photographers beware!

  1. I updated the same post recently because Caltex amended the T&C for the contest. I’m still not a fan of the prize they’re offering, but the good thing is that they’re no longer claiming ownership of the submitted photos. I’m not joining or endorsing the contest, but I’m just not quite as adamant about other people participating.

    @Richgold: I read in a local forum (no link for now) that the contest was originally for employees only, and that they just opened it to the public this year. The thing is, regardless of whether it’s an internal contest or open to the public, the original rules definitely painted the company as a bunch exploitative, rights-grabbing, greedy suits.