#69 Bluesfest and the media

Ottawa Bluesfest is coming. It’s a fine time of the year for me. Shooting this fine festival is the easy part.

The challenging part is finding the photos a market. Media passes are granted with the expectation that the photographer (that’s me) will get the event (that’s Bluesfest) press and media attention.

Ottawa Bluesfest

Feist playing to her fans. Shot on a panoramic film camera.

My Bluesfest photos have been licensed to a range of media outlets over the years. My favourite usage was by the federal government to promote tourism in Canada. A generic concert shot showing off the Bluesfest stage, below, was printed in the LA Times, NY Times and Boston Globe:

Ottawa Bluesfest

Tomorrow I meet with a client about some Bluesfest imagery in anticipation of Bluesfest’s 15th anniversary.

One thought on “#69 Bluesfest and the media

  1. Self-promotion seems to be one of the hardest things that creatives do. I look forward to seeing more of your work broadly published. (BTW I now actively look for the photo creds!)