#122 Muisc and photos

I finished a shoot last week for Peter Foret and his big band Peter and the Wolves.

Peter Foret
Peter Foret

A shoot like this always has its challenges:

  • co-ordinating a large group of people
  • dealing with uncertain weather
  • limited location
  • very limited timeline

With so many people involved we had to ‘create some magic‘ with whatever was available – people, personalities, weather. There was little flexibility because of the size of the group. Studio lighting is always an option but limits flexibility further and increases time involved.

Peter and the Wolves

We chose a familiar area that had a few options or ‘contingencies’. A shoot like this can be stressful as there are few certainties and many limitations. Stress can trample creativity. Developing a trust that things will work is tough but crucial to performance! More on performance and butterflies soon.

The shoot went well. We had reasonable weather for the shoot. I am pleased with the results. The best part was Peter’s reaction – He was ecstatic with his new collection of promotional material!

That makes this job fun.


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