#1192 Christine Persaud, Film Maker – Supporting New Creators.

In 2021 I was approached by Christine Persaud, a film maker, who wanted to feature my process in creating the series of inquiry videos aimed at young learners.

She was hired by the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) to help their members create better training programmes and grow awareness of appropriate storytelling.

Christine interviewed and filmed my video creation process. You can watch her video below:

I am pleased with her video and grateful to be asked.
And very happy to help others create content…

#1176 Estimating & Measuring Distance – Skating Trail.

I like being outside and active.
So I was recently skating on a beaver pond and got wondering how far I had traveled. I could count the number of laps but am trying to figure out how to estimate or measure how long one loop is…

I’m hoping you can help!
Watch the video, below. Ask your friends, family and teachers as you brainstorm different ways you can estimate or measure distances.

#52 The week ahead

Scott, assisting me for two weeks as part of his Algonquin College photo course, has moved on to bigger things. Thanks for your help! He has a summer full of photographing windsurfers ahead of him. Lucky man!

Sadly for H, the snow is fast disappearing – the xc trails are getting large patches of dirt and Camp Fortune – the little hill that could – is starting to show a few bare small bare spots. Sigh.

As far as the world of Harry I have a busy week:

  • an assignment for a magazine
  • I am close to submitting a new batch of work to one of my stock agencies
  • I am teaching two workshops
  • I have a new sport photo workshop to announce later this week
  • lots of admin

For some fun have a look at this YouTube video that shows a high profile fashion photo shoot – start to finish. Not everything is as it seems!

Have fun,