#52 The week ahead

Scott, assisting me for two weeks as part of his Algonquin College photo course, has moved on to bigger things. Thanks for your help! He has a summer full of photographing windsurfers ahead of him. Lucky man!

Sadly for H, the snow is fast disappearing – the xc trails are getting large patches of dirt and Camp Fortune – the little hill that could – is starting to show a few bare small bare spots. Sigh.

As far as the world of Harry I have a busy week:

  • an assignment for a magazine
  • I am close to submitting a new batch of work to one of my stock agencies
  • I am teaching two workshops
  • I have a new sport photo workshop to announce later this week
  • lots of admin

For some fun have a look at this YouTube video that shows a high profile fashion photo shoot – start to finish. Not everything is as it seems!

Have fun,