#630 Where are they now?

Our first ever ProProgram graduate jumped in head first and completed her photo classes in record time. Nathalie Madore worked hard! She started with average hobby skills but without technical finesse or artistic flair that comes with dedication, instruction and guidance.

Nathalie Madore - Photo Course graduate


She pursued her shadowing and assignments with passion and graduated with photos she never thought possible. Her passion is in the outdoors and covering active people in motion. I remember she took our Intro to Studio Lighting course and she quipped she wasn’t really interested in the indoor, manufactured realm of studio lights. But she LOVED it!

Nathalie Madore - Photo Course graduate


So where is she now? She lives in Gatineau and took her new skills, upgraded her equipment and started shooting. She now covers events, portraits and other work in the Ottawa area.

Two of her clients are SDV Magazine and the Canadian Press, CP. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for someone who started photographing seriously about two years ago. I am always jealous to see someone like Nat accomplish in one year what it took me 5-7 years to develop without instruction!

Please help us send Nathalie a cheer to congratulate her accomplishments!


2 thoughts on “#630 Where are they now?

  1. Félicitations Nathalie! J’adore tes photos. Elles sont toujours très belles, originales, et disent beaucoup! Bravo!