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"Remember the background!"

On many workshops I give this simple advice.

I see lots of photos with beautiful subjects murdered by bad backgrounds. The foreground is exposed well, composed well, vibrant and caught at just the right moment but the background kills the photo and any chance of fame, fortune and bragging rights.

In this edition of Exposed! we give top tips to make your foreground pop by playing off the background.

How to take better photos through better backgrounds.

Framing the subject with window frames, shooting from below and using high contrast make fore and background work together!

How to create better backgrounds

How to take better photos through better backgrounds.

Blurring the background and shooting from a ladder make the background support (and not kill) the foreground!


Spend an hour picking a very specific main subject - not a tree but a leaf on the tree - and try the tips above to make your foreground separate themselves from the background.

Pro Perspective

I spend a lot of time observing the world around me and taking second (and third) looks at things. I look for good light, locations, angles and I look to see how I can get clean backgrounds that will help save the foreground.

Observation is a good starting point for any photo and the best first step to success.

Final Frame

Take photos.
Make the background work for the foreground.
Make the foreground appreciate the background.
Have fun.