#851 Ottawa Wedding Album!

We’re pulling together a wedding album for A&A that I shot late in the summer. I don’t take on many weddings – but there’s was right up my alley. They wanted wedding photos that were unposed, fun and captured the day’s unguarded moments.

It’s nice when a couple allows me to follow the fun and shoot what happens. I am not fond of very posed wedding scenarios – while teaching at the Museum of Civilzation this weekend I saw many wedding groups and their photographers set up elaborate scenarios for formal and posed photos… not so much my style!

For the most part I captured people being themselves. A&A and I visited the Wakefield covered bridge for some photos. I asked them to ignore me and talk about their wedding day… This just happens:

Ottawa wedding photo

Wedding photography, Ottawa

#263 More Wedding Photos

Jack and Kris had a beautiful wedding day last summer:

Ottawa Wedding Photography

My task was to capture some intimate moments at their fun wedding in Chelsea Quebec, moments north of Ottawa. My style is to act as a fly on the wall to capture the quietly candid moments missed by many.

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

They were all smiles: “The great thing about an August wedding in Ottawa is the possibility of thunderstorms and sunshine in the same afternoon.  We got both, along with wedding bells and a great party with friends and family.”

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

Years ago a bride admitted she chose us for their photography because my portfolio of wedding stories was the only one that “… almost made me cry!”

That’s what I shoot for when covering an intimate celebration!

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

#259 Wedding season

Wedding season approaches!

We cover small events or elements of a day in a candid or photojournalistic style to capture the life of the festivities. Posed and formal photos show the exterior of the event. Our candid coverage shows the soul of the celebration.

Last fall I was fortunate to photograph Lucie and Wayne’s wedding celebration.

From the moment we met Harry, we knew that we would get the kind of photos we were hoping for for our unconventional, small wedding. We had a fabulous time and Harry captured that perfectly – the photos told the story!” – Lucie and Wayne

Before shooting I was instructed to remove my tie. And so the fun began:

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Thanks Lucie and Wayne, for a fun afternoon!

#136 Handed in

Yesterday, I presented two projects to clients:

  1. Ottawa Magazine assignment on the Whitewater Slalom National Team Training site in downtown Ottawa – the “Pumphouse”
  2. A wedding assignment

Ottawa Magazine – Jane was pleased with the work – “I always get good results when the photographer is passionate about the subject.” I enjoyed shooting it, too!It’s due out next spring/summer.

We talked about a photo project for next summer that looks promising. Jane is also on the Working Creatives list – a networking group for people working in creative fields.

candid fun           Fly on the wall photography

Wedding assignment – The newly married couple were all smiles of, course! They had a very small wedding and wanted someone to document the fun. I really don’t enjoy the formal, posed wedding style – it’s cold, rigid and staged. Blechh.

The photo above is far more my style – taken years ago from atop a chair – posted with permission. The bride’s smile is honest and true!

I am hired to be a fly on the wall. Consequently, my photographic instructions for the bride and groom are simply “forget about me.” And the candid, wonderful emotions start leaking out. The recent couple really wanted me to capture the stories, the gestures and the nuances. That’s my kind of wedding photography!

I was hired once because, as the bride put it, “your portfolio was the only one that had me on the verge of tears.” A big formal wedding is hard work! Shooting candidly is way more fun and makes my clients tears flow!

As Jane says “I always get good results when the photographer is passionate about the subject…”