#51 The end of Batman and Robin…

Scott here one last time. It’s my last day at Harry Nowell Photography Inc., so we thought we would leave you with a reflection of what both harry and myself learned during the 2 weeks together.Scott learned from Harry:

  • how to shoot for stock
  • managing business client relationships
  • handling expenses for a small business
  • your best work is the work you’re most passionate about

Harry learned from Scott:

  • some advanced photoshop techniques
  • networking solutions for computer and camera hardware
  • that going to school for photo is very valuable – he has learned some excellent skills in a very short two years
  • that Scott is very modest and a bit ‘shy’. He said “I’ll never be able to¬† teleski” after successfully navigating a double black diamond on his third (ever) run on telemark skis.

Here is a self-portrait of both of us that we took today.How did we shoot it? (no ladder or tripod involved)

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