#57 Remember Scott?

Scott was my assistant for two weeks as he completed his work placement portion of his Algonquin College photo program. He posted many of my blog entries while he worked with me.

Scott is now in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, a windsurfing mecca. He is combining his love of windsurfing with his photo skills to launch his photo career. A good idea, as people have a better chance at success pursuing those things they love! Of course, good business sense and good timing are needed to achieve your goals, too!

While Scott was here he most wanted to learn about the business side of photography and he helped prepare my Creative Business Seminar. He already has good photo and post processing skills!

Read Scott’s blog to learn about his new business adventure and windsurfing tales. He has an amazing summer scheduled following the wind around the world.

Good luck Scott! I’ll be following your travels to success.

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