#47 Week one completed

Scott here again, and week one of my 2 week placement certainly went by quite fast. Next week will be my last few days here and then I’ll be moving on to finish things up at school.

After the Algonquin College photo exhibition, I’ll be heading out of the country to do some windsurfing/photography trips. First on the agenda is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, second will be a tour of the East Coast, and third will be a stay over in the Canary Islands to cover one of the PWA Windsurfing competitions.

I’m looking forward to finishing school and getting out in the real world to apply all the new knowledge and skills I’ve gained over my 2 years at school. My hope is to blend my passion for photography with my passion for windsurfing in a way that supports my lifestyle.

#46 More judging photos

It’s Harry again – quick post today.

I received a photo from RA Photo Club member Catherine Duncan of the three judges from the Interclub Photo Competition last week. From left Terry Sametz, Harry Nowell and Lois Segal. Thanks Catherine!

Judge photo by Catherine Duncan

The photo is a good example of flash combined with a long exposure to allow sharpness in the main subjects with ambient light illuminating the background – a technique taught on my Natural Light Portrait Workshop. Nice work Catherine!

More blogging tomorrow from my assistant – Scott – of Algonquin College’s photo program.


#45 The Business of Business

Today I had the chance to sit in with Harry on a meeting with a client to discuss the use of his work for an upcoming campaign. It was a good opportunity to learn the essentials of business relations, including strategies for image layout and selection, and communication with the client before, during, and after the meeting.

Learning the business of business is a really important process for a student like myself who’s coming out of a technical educational program, so I’m very excited to be helping out at Harry’s upcoming Creative Business Seminar this weekend.

I look forward to gaining more practical experience while working in conjunction with Harry during my time here.

#44 Second day on the job

Hi everyone. This is Scott, Harry’s new assistant. Today was my second day on the job but my first blog posting of many to come over the next week and a half.

Windsurfer getting big air time

As Harry explained in the last posting, I am a graduating student from the Algonquin Photography program and will be assisting him as part of my 2 week field placement. I quite enjoy outdoor sports, specifically windsurfing and kiteskiing, and as such, has naturally become the subject of my photography.

My photo on the left was taken at Lake Champlain and shows the reason I most enjoy photographing windsurfing, as well as doing it myself.

I’m very excited to be working with Harry because there is much I can learn from his experience with both the photographic and business aspects of the industry. Plus, the job perk is sharing our passion for the outdoors and slipping in the occasional ski break in our day.

I look forward to making more posts and keeping the blog updated with all that happens here at Harry Nowell Photography Inc.

#43 Introducing…

Introducing Scott, the photography student from Algonquin College.Scott

Scott contacted me recently about a photo placement. To fulfill his photography course requirements he is expected to shadow a photographer in their weekly work.

We met and agreed to work together for the two week session. Scott’s first day was today and, being interested in outdoor sport shooting, we had to finish the day with a quick ski at Fortune… since that’s what I’d be hoping to do in my regular work day anyway…

Scott will be posting some blog items this week and next…


#42 – Judging photos

Wednesday night was a late one after judging and sending out Exposed!

Below are a few photos – thanks to Cynthia at PhotoBuddies for the first two photos:

The judges debating:

A slightly wobbly P&S portrait (taken by me) with some camera club members:

Also some bureaucratic good news… in theory. I got an e-mail from Corporations Canada:

” The Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative (PBRI) involves measuring the costs and
impact of regulatory compliance on business, including small businesses, and pursuing
opportunities to reduce, rationalize and simplify regulatory requirements across federal departments and agencies. It was launched in February 2005 in response to the
Government of Canada’s 2004 Budget commitment to measure the impact of regulatory compliance on businesses and make measurable reductions in paperwork burden.”

Fulfilling federal and provincial obligations like paperwork is a very large task for a small company like mine. I have spent many hours filing, phoning and visiting gov’t offices trying to comply with their policies – it IS a burden! Sometimes there is unfortunate bungling that costs significant time. The Corp Can e-mail was fresh air that seems to be moving at a rather glacial speed – at least it’s moving!

#41 Exposed!

It was a busy day yesterday with normal photo work, ski break, judging a city-wide photo contest and posting my Exposed! newsletter. I started at 9am and finished at 2am. A bit too long!

Exposed! newsletter photo:

World Cup Ice Climbing

Exposed! goes out to ~1000 subscribers around the world and is available through blogs, photo sites and, of course, HarryNowell.com. Traditionally ‘Exposed! day’ generates a spike in traffic from readers everywhere.

Read Exposed! and learn about Mary Primary and Scott Secondary.

It includes my photo, above, of the Ice Climbing World Cup in Quebec City a while back. To subscribe to the monthly ‘Exposed!’ and receive it automatically just sign up above, right!

#40 Photojounalist spotlight

A couple of weeks ago Dave phoned me in the middle of the night – it was 1:30am. He was phoning from India to say “hi” where he has been for months.

David Trattles spends most of his time with cameras and his bike seeking out people stories all over the world. He is, without hesitation, the best documentary – story teller – people – photojournalist I know. He’s also very humble and shies away from promoting his work well, despite his list of awards and clients!

If you ever get a chance to hear him talk about his work – DO! His stories, photos and passion will make your head spin. Buy one of his prints if you can convince him to show them – they are, indeed, gems – and your purchase will help fund his work.

In usual Dave style he sent me an e-mail with no message whatsoever, just a link to his upcoming photo presentation in Toronto.