#973 Traditional Technical Training for Modern Industrial Applications

This spring we were contacted by Ontario Power Generation in Southern Ontario about some specialized technical training for their staff. We developed a Custom Course to meet their needs.

Specialized Photo Training – Old technology for modern testing.
They needed training in traditional dark room skills to perform the (almost) 100 year old test that involves traditional photography. Steve explains it better himself:

“We work in a Performance and Testing department with Ontario Power Generation.  Our group provides experienced engineering and skilled technical personnel to consistently provide high quality services in data analysis, performance verification, regulatory environmental emission data, and to support aspects of operation and projects. 

The Gibson Test
The Gibson Test is one example of a performance test that our group offers.  It is a method that was developed almost 100 years ago, that uses a pressure-time graph to determine water flow through a pipe.

Interestingly, the pressure-time graph that is produced during a Gibson Test is done through photographic means.  A large piece of photographic film is wrapped around a column inside a canister.  The narrow slit along the side of the canister allows light to strike the film.

black and white darkroom training

Gibson Photography Graph

A column of mercury is used that rises and falls as the pressure inside the penstock changes; this mercury blocks a portion of the light entering the canister.  The canister rotates slowly, and the mercury rises and falls, creating a pressure-time graph on the photographic film. 

The film is developed on site in a darkroom built and set up by our technicians.  Since these Gibson Tests can occur at any of the remote hydroelectric stations across Ontario, creating an adequate darkroom setting can be challenging at times.

Thanks to Harry and Marie-Helene, we now have more of an expertise to create a darkroom and the skills necessary to develop this photographic film in the non-traditional settings we encounter with our work.  Thanks guys!!”

And thank-you for coming from Southern Ontario for your taining!

1923 Gibson Photography - Film Canister for 20x24

1923 Gibson Photography – Film Canister for 20×24″ film – capture on an iPhone!

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