#970 Online Photo Challenge Review

Our online photo program roars along with a new photo challenge every month. Members receive video lessons, tips, links and share ideas as they produce their best shots for the photo challenge.

June’s challenge was photojournalistic storytelling and members were guided as they created single photos that told stories within themselves.

Better Photos

Photojournalism Challenge – “One Photo Stories” Love – © Gina R

The creative challenges are often tougher than the technical challenges because there are fewer “recipes for success!” Still, participants rose to the challenge with some amazing photos.

Photo Critique

Photojournalistic storytelling – Online Photo Challenge  – © Maisie I

And they continue to enjoy the process!
Comments from the past month:
• “[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

• “Harry, you always keep me on my toes and throw in extra food for thought. I love it, thank you!

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Challenge – © Lynn G

I found this challenge to be very challenging. I got out shooting and I tried a new style that should help improve my images going forward.  It was a good exercise and (as always) it was helpful to see what others were shooting

Better photos

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © John D.

Thanks for another great challenge!

Photojournalism, a very good challenge… it makes you think about taking just a photo vs. a photo story.  Gives the photo taking purpose and helps with composition.”

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © Allan C.

This was my first challenge and I found it consumed a lot of my thoughts; I was excited, scared and felt hungry for the challenge … I do feel a little sad that it’s over but I will continue to use the story telling in all my photos in the future. I look forward to the July challenge.

Photojournalistic Storytelling - Online Photo Challenge - © Marcel M.

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge
– © Marcel M.

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