#972 Travel and Documentary Workshop Announced!

Travel photography course

Travel & Documentary Photography Course with David Trattles (above)

That’s right…

David Trattles is offering his Travel and Documentary Photo Workshop in Ottawa in mid-September!

Some of you may remember David’s past workshops. He brought laughter, passion and a new way of seeing to his students:
Harry – thank you for introducing me to David.  This course has changed the way I take photographs.  More importantly it has changed the way I see myself and the world around me.” Prasad J. (photo below)

Travel and documentary photography course

Photo from past course – © Prasad J.

Well, we’re lucky to have him back. David travels extensively and has offered us the dates (below) in early September.

Dave does things differently – “I have not seen anything even close to this offered in Ottawa.” Sue S.

His workshops will change the way you think of photography.  With a big heart and passion David will lead you on a new adventure in your photo adventures.

Documentary Photographer David Trattles

© David Trattles – Boxing Ladies of Calcutta

September 12-15, 2013.

Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St.; Ottawa

$375 + tax

Join us.
Details and registration.

#874 Ghost Encounter in Victoria while scouting Night Light Photo Class

I am in Victoria this week teaching our popular Night Light photo workshop for Luz Gallery.

I’ve been here for a couple of days to get settled and scout locations for the course. I was checking out one location late one evening and encountered a ghostly impression. It was eerily familiar.

We chatted for a short while and I asked if the ghost could bring some friendly friends Friday or Saturday night for the students. I hope he’ll co-operate!

Interested in learning some photo fun? Check our current workshops – we have more classes coming online soon.

night light photo workshop victoria

night light photo workshop victoria