#1023 Smartphone Photography Course

Smartphone iPhone Photography Class

Smartphone Photo Class

It’s back.

Last year we offered our first smartphone photography course. People loved it:
Simple tips and complex solutions made participants smile:
• Focus techniques
• Exposure options
• Quick post processing solutions

April 6th, 2014.
$80 + HST

Photojournalist Blair Gable leads you through technical workflow and creative ideas to help you create better photos.

More details.

#1021 New Courses! Macro and Tulips with Louise Tanguay.

Tulip photos

© Louise Tanguay – Tulip Photo Safari – May, 2014

She’s back!
Last year Louise Tanguay‘s workshops were very well received. They often sell out.

We’ve convinced her to come back and share her fabulous skills with you again.
Louise travels the world teaching (some for Freeman Patterson), producing coffee table books and shooting for magazines.

She has two workshops coming up in May, 2014 – Macrphotography Workshop and Tulip Safari. See some of the student’s successes last year.

Want better general photos in nature?
Take the Macro Workshop!

Want a shorter (and cheaper) experience with Tulips?
Take the Tulip Safari!

close-up photography class

© Louise Tanguay – Macrophotography Workshop with Louise Tanguay – May 2014

#1019 On Location Lighting with Blair Gable – Review

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Blair Gable

In October we offered On Location Lighting with Blair Gable.

Apparently, it went well:
It’s the best class I’ve taken, by far (this is my 11th photo class.)
GM – her first course at HarryNowell.com!

We do our best to bring you the best in photo workshops!

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Don Douglas

Students came with a mix of backgrounds but many were new, working photographers, advanced amateurs and past students looking to advance their skills.

A big thanks to Blair and his crew for sharing his talents and space.

Stay tuned… Blair will be back for 2 more photo seminar/safaris new dates coming soon – iPhone photography and Post Processing with Photoshop.

studio photography class - Ottawa/Gatineau

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Roberta G

It was a great way to boost my creativity – to push myself to try new things.

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience. Not only did I gain a lot from the class environment, I also gained a lot from the one on ones I had Blair.

“Good fun, very informative and inspiring to be more creative.”

studio photography lesson

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Genvieve Maurice

Lighting Lesson - Ottawa Gatineau

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Marc Lafleur

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Blair Gable


#1015 New Photo Course – Exposure Basics – Mastering Manual Mode.

Better Photos
Few things scare a novice photographer more than the words “Manual Exposure Mode.”
Join us on this short course to learn how to avoid grey snow.

Learn to shoot with more confidence in Manual Exposure Mode!

Better photos - better exposures

Whites should be white!!

Who should take this course?!
This mini course is perfect for new photographers looking to establish a solid set of skills or for the intermediate photographer looking for a refresher.You will learn:
• simple, effective tips to get consistently better exposures
• about the importance and effectivenes of histograms to evaluate your photo in the field (erm, the screen on the back of your camera is notoriously bad at evaluating exposure!)
• the basis for successfully photographing advanced lighting conditions

Histogram Tips

About the Histogram

Join us:
Saturday, January 18th, 2014; 10-1pmLocation
A central Ottawa location with lots of warm shooting potential to explore the world of exposure.

$80 + applicable taxes

Register now.

#1013 New Photo Class – DIY Simple Studio Lighting

Our winter and spring photo courses are coming online. In January we’re offering a variation of a challenge we offered last winter to our Online Photo Program: Simple Studio Lighting.

Studio Lighting Made Easy!
For most people, studio lighting is prohibitively complex and expensive.
it doesn’t need to be!

We help you use tools you already have to create creative shots like the ones below.

Photo Class - Studio Lighting

Simple Studio Lighting – Learn creative Lighting Techniques with Simple Tools

Join us as we explore techniques and everyday tools to produce stunning imagery. We share techniques to use flashlights, store-bought lamps, obsolete camera flash and LED light sources to transform your creative ideas into beautiful pictures!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014 ; 6-9pm
Saturday, January 11th, 2014; 10-4pm
Thursday, January 16th, 2014 ; 6-9pm

Workshop is held in central Ottawa at Ottawa Studio Works.

$350 + applicable taxes

Register now!

studio lighting - DIY

Simple Studio Lighting – Learn to create beautiful photos with lights you already have.

#1009 Creative Fundamentals Photo Class Review

Another session of our classic course is complete.

We’ve been running Creative Fundamentals since 2001 and it quickly became popular with people who were intimidated with f-stops, manual exposure mode and grey snow in their photos.

photo class Gatineau Park

Creative Fun – Photo Workshop – Gatineau Park © André Tognarelli

The course offers the fundamentals of photography in simple, easy to understand terms. People often join the course scared to shoot in manual exposure mode and, by the end, capture good exposures in tricky mixed lighting scenarios.

The students did well…

We often teach this course as a Custom Course.

Dates are up for the next group session of Creative Fundamentals in April 2014.

Photo Class Ottawa

Silhouette Photo – Photo Class – © Judy Scott

New, Advanced Creative Fundamentals II
For many years students have asked us to run a follow-up session to challenge and solidify  their fundamental skills.

Well, now is your chance to test your skills further. We take the core material of Creative Fundamentals and take you further. We assume you have some experience in Manual Exposure Mode and help you:
• recognize/capture advanced exposure scenarios
• maximize control of Depth of Field
• delve into creative compositional construction

Dates are set for May 2014

#980 Online Program – Social Documentary Photos

I found so many levels of challenges within this month’s program but so far I have learned and grown far more than I could have imagined an on-line course could provide.

In July we offered what is likely the toughest challenge we’ve ever posted on our Online Photo Challenge – to capture a story through a social documentary style.

online photo course

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Photo Challenge – © Marcel M.

Social Documentary photography differs from photojournalism. Both offer stories but:
• Photojournalism tells the story within one single photo (think of newspaper stories.)
• Social documentary work tells in depth stories over weeks or months and offers a collection of photography to tell a story (think of National Geographic magazine.) ‘Socdoc’ usually deals with social issues and people.

Online photo course

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © David Burt

The social documentary challenge was tough because:
• it made people get involved with a story involving people or animals.
• it takes time. Many socdoc photogs spend months and many, many visits to learn about and capture their stories.
• Moments are fleeting – Technically perfect photos are less important than capturing the moment in SocDoc.

Online Photo Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Christine Payant

The group rose to the challenge and captured events, family, theatre, sports and (a popular subject) life at a local shop or boutique.

What members said this month:
• “It was a tough challenge this month. I’m excited to see what other people submitted to give me some new ideas – I have a feeling this challenge is going to be a bit of an ongoing project for me.” WM

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Gina Rifa

• “I loved every single moment. I grew so much so fast that I felt the growing pains! Normally I would be sad that it’s over but I know I have more fun to come so I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

Thanks for all your straight forward advice and always being so encouraging while pushing us all to be better.” LG

• “Thanks for your encouraging words.” BB

• “Boy this was a very tough challenge! I learned a lot from this assignment and I had a lot of fun getting to know Jim and the small town hardware business.” CP

Online Photography Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Willa Mason

• “This month’s challenge was the most effort of all so far but that is what made it fun for me.  I’m glad you pushed me…  I am pleased with the outcome.” MM

• “I like the challenge and how it’s stirring up ideas. It’s a great subject for the monthly challenge. It involves creativity and spontaneous photography to capture the in-the-moment images that are so interesting in Soc Doc photography! A very good challenge!” GR

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Lynn Gaulin

August’s program starts this week and we have a challenge to help members break out of comfortable shooting patterns (and growing as a photographer!) by urging them to shoot a subject in new ways.

Missed the social documentary online challenge but want to explore this medium? Enrol in our Travel and Social Documentary Photo Class with David Trattles in September. At time of writing there are only two spots remaining – availability will change without notice.

Join us to develop your photo skills!

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Challenge – © Don Douglas

Congratulations to ALL of the members. I am proud of your progress – with time, small steps will take you a long way!

#976 Student Success – Scott in the Photo Studio

Years ago I got a message from Scott Martin who was looking to advance his photo skills and get into some photo work.

His photos at the time were mere snapshots.
After a couple of years on the ProProgram his work blossomed.

© Scott Martin – Liam Lloyd

What happened?
He worked hard.
And he took many of our photography courses lead by accomplished working  photographers like David Trattles (award-winning, veteran social documentary photographer) and Blair Gable (leading Reuters photojournalist.)

There are a lot of photo workshops offered nowadays. Learning from experienced veterans goes a long way, just saying!

Scott now runs ScottMartinVisuals.com and SpotlightOttawa.com. He recently shot Liam Lloyd at our photo studio for a feature.

We’re proud of what he’s accomplished!!
Well done Scott.

Student Success

© Scott Martin – Liam Lloyd

#972 Travel and Documentary Workshop Announced!

Travel photography course

Travel & Documentary Photography Course with David Trattles (above)

That’s right…

David Trattles is offering his Travel and Documentary Photo Workshop in Ottawa in mid-September!

Some of you may remember David’s past workshops. He brought laughter, passion and a new way of seeing to his students:
Harry – thank you for introducing me to David.  This course has changed the way I take photographs.  More importantly it has changed the way I see myself and the world around me.” Prasad J. (photo below)

Travel and documentary photography course

Photo from past course – © Prasad J.

Well, we’re lucky to have him back. David travels extensively and has offered us the dates (below) in early September.

Dave does things differently – “I have not seen anything even close to this offered in Ottawa.” Sue S.

His workshops will change the way you think of photography.  With a big heart and passion David will lead you on a new adventure in your photo adventures.

Documentary Photographer David Trattles

© David Trattles – Boxing Ladies of Calcutta

September 12-15, 2013.

Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St.; Ottawa

$375 + tax

Join us.
Details and registration.

#965 Photo Student Wins Int’l Credit! + Fall Photo Class Planning

Summer has just arrived (yay!) but that means we are busy planning our fall photography classes. And we want YOUR help! See below.

…But first we’d like to congratulate Morina, a graduate of our photo program!
This morning I received an email from Morina, a ProProgram graduate. She has taken many photo courses within her program. This morning she sent a message and a page from Photography Week:

Harry, you’ve taught me well! You are the first person I want to thank – highly commended for my photo in the international magazine Photography Week. You said “Do something different” – I did and look what has happened. So excited….

Really, we just kept feeding Morina photo skills. She worked hard over 2 or 3 years to turn that knowledge into award winning photography!

Congratulations, Morina! 

Student Success - Morina Reece's photo

Student Success – Morina Reece’s photo “Highly Commended” in Photography Week Magazine. Good work Morina!

Preliminary Fall Line-up
We’ve started to load some photography courses on the fall’s agenda:
Creative Fundamentals (Sept/Oct) – A classic course (that’s already a quarter full.)
Night Light (Oct) – Popular course chasing the magic light of the night.
On Location Lighting with Blair Gable (Oct) – Learn lighting from a leading photojournalist.
Photography for Communications Professionals (Nov) – We help you get better workplace pictures!
Mastering Lightroom with Peter Handley (RGD) (Fall – dates to be set) – Improve your post processing guided by a prominent graphic designer.
Online Photo Program (start anytime!) – Our monthly challenges keep you consistently engaged and help you improve your photography!

Photo Class Help!
But we need YOUR HELP. Most of our courses are developed because YOU requested them.

What do you want to learn!?
Let us know via email or in the comments, below.