#980 Online Program – Social Documentary Photos

I found so many levels of challenges within this month’s program but so far I have learned and grown far more than I could have imagined an on-line course could provide.

In July we offered what is likely the toughest challenge we’ve ever posted on our Online Photo Challenge – to capture a story through a social documentary style.

online photo course

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Photo Challenge – © Marcel M.

Social Documentary photography differs from photojournalism. Both offer stories but:
• Photojournalism tells the story within one single photo (think of newspaper stories.)
• Social documentary work tells in depth stories over weeks or months and offers a collection of photography to tell a story (think of National Geographic magazine.) ‘Socdoc’ usually deals with social issues and people.

Online photo course

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © David Burt

The social documentary challenge was tough because:
• it made people get involved with a story involving people or animals.
• it takes time. Many socdoc photogs spend months and many, many visits to learn about and capture their stories.
• Moments are fleeting – Technically perfect photos are less important than capturing the moment in SocDoc.

Online Photo Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Christine Payant

The group rose to the challenge and captured events, family, theatre, sports and (a popular subject) life at a local shop or boutique.

What members said this month:
• “It was a tough challenge this month. I’m excited to see what other people submitted to give me some new ideas – I have a feeling this challenge is going to be a bit of an ongoing project for me.” WM

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Gina Rifa

• “I loved every single moment. I grew so much so fast that I felt the growing pains! Normally I would be sad that it’s over but I know I have more fun to come so I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

Thanks for all your straight forward advice and always being so encouraging while pushing us all to be better.” LG

• “Thanks for your encouraging words.” BB

• “Boy this was a very tough challenge! I learned a lot from this assignment and I had a lot of fun getting to know Jim and the small town hardware business.” CP

Online Photography Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Willa Mason

• “This month’s challenge was the most effort of all so far but that is what made it fun for me.  I’m glad you pushed me…  I am pleased with the outcome.” MM

• “I like the challenge and how it’s stirring up ideas. It’s a great subject for the monthly challenge. It involves creativity and spontaneous photography to capture the in-the-moment images that are so interesting in Soc Doc photography! A very good challenge!” GR

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Lynn Gaulin

August’s program starts this week and we have a challenge to help members break out of comfortable shooting patterns (and growing as a photographer!) by urging them to shoot a subject in new ways.

Missed the social documentary online challenge but want to explore this medium? Enrol in our Travel and Social Documentary Photo Class with David Trattles in September. At time of writing there are only two spots remaining – availability will change without notice.

Join us to develop your photo skills!

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Challenge – © Don Douglas

Congratulations to ALL of the members. I am proud of your progress – with time, small steps will take you a long way!

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