#981 Web distractions

This week we have some fun – from incredible lens to creative inspirations…

Super-fast lens!
First up is from Camera-Traders with a link to the fastest, biggest apertured lens that was ever created (and not marketed.) It’s a fun poke at mainstream bandwagons that people jump on!

A fun look at Copyright Violations
Next we thank Marcel (an Online Program member) for this link to illegitimate reasons people ‘borrow’ web photos.

Creative Inspirations
And thanks to Debbie and Bill for introducing us to a fun web site with fun photos and links of inspiring creative ideas. I like their Facebook feed better!

Better pictures through photo tips
Finally, take a look at these photo tips – simple and fun!

As always – send us your favourite photo distractions from the web!!

Photo Tips = Better Photos

Photo Tip #222 When shooting a portrait wait, wait, wait and click (once) when the moment presents itself. … RIP JJ Cale (1938-2013)

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