#1009 Creative Fundamentals Photo Class Review

Another session of our classic course is complete.

We’ve been running Creative Fundamentals since 2001 and it quickly became popular with people who were intimidated with f-stops, manual exposure mode and grey snow in their photos.

photo class Gatineau Park

Creative Fun – Photo Workshop – Gatineau Park © André Tognarelli

The course offers the fundamentals of photography in simple, easy to understand terms. People often join the course scared to shoot in manual exposure mode and, by the end, capture good exposures in tricky mixed lighting scenarios.

The students did well…

We often teach this course as a Custom Course.

Dates are up for the next group session of Creative Fundamentals in April 2014.

Photo Class Ottawa

Silhouette Photo – Photo Class – © Judy Scott

New, Advanced Creative Fundamentals II
For many years students have asked us to run a follow-up session to challenge and solidify  their fundamental skills.

Well, now is your chance to test your skills further. We take the core material of Creative Fundamentals and take you further. We assume you have some experience in Manual Exposure Mode and help you:
• recognize/capture advanced exposure scenarios
• maximize control of Depth of Field
• delve into creative compositional construction

Dates are set for May 2014

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