#1055 Online Program – White Challenge Success!

Our Online Photo Program members worked hard last month on a tough technical challenge.

I asked them to only shoot colour scenes that were offered only black or white elements. The hard part was the photos had to be exposed perfectly straight from the camera.

black and white

© Cynthia S. – good exposure!


One of my pet peeves in photography are photographs that are poorly exposed or photographers who rely on post processing to correct exposure mistakes made when shooting.

black and white

© Chris P – good exposure!

If you aim you camera at something predominantly white or black the camera will get the wrong exposure – EVEN in Manual Exposure Mode if you don’t know how to over-ride the camera’s brain.

Our most popular course is Creative Fundamentals. We teach people how to get correct exposures all the time without relying on the computer. Better still, we use simple steps to help people understand exposure.

For many people exposure is scary! We make understanding exposure accessible.

Member’s Photos
There were some growing pains this month. But people did well!! Help me congratulate our members for another successful challenge!

Join us to challenge yourself!

black and white

Leah E – good exposure with a slight colour cast – that’s ok for this assignment! The histogram shows bright whites and dark blacks!! Good work.


#1050 Web distractions

A big thanks to our readers for the content of this edition of web distractions!
We have a long list this week!

Keeping up with Olympic photo deadlines
Past student, Nathalie Madore, shared this link from a photographer on the pressures of shooting the Olympics!

Beauty without Processing
Nichole McGill shared a link to real beauty.

Librarian Portraits
A reader who prefers anonymity offers a whimsical look at the look of librarians!

analogue photography

Film photography – slide, light table and loupe!

Sexism in stock photography?
‘Anonymous’ also offered this look about sexism in stock photography.

14 Photo Project Ideas
Barbara McKenzie sent this look at some good ideas to boost your photo creativity.

Toilet Paper Roll Art!
Dave Andrews offered this very fun look at amazing art found inside toilet paper rolls!

“Humans of New York” Photographer Interview
Hagen Hohn, past student, sent out this link of an interview with ‘overnight photo success’ photographer Brandon Stanton.

proper exposure

Blacks ad whites – proper exposures!

#1049 Winter and Spring Photo Classes

Our line-up of winter and spring photography courses is almost complete!

Ottawa Gatineau photo workshops

Better photos @ HarryNowell.com photo classes

For those close to Ottawa and Gatineau, we’re offering something for everyone:
a course for communications staff to create better work-based photos
Macro workshop (almost full) and tulip safari with Louise Tanguay
Smart phone photography with Blair Gable
Creative Fundamentals – our most popular course to help people with the basics of photography plus an advanced fundamentals course for those wanting fundamentals support but more than the basics.

For those further afield we offer our Online Photo Program – all you need is a good internet connection and a desire to learn from our members!

… And there are more courses listed and soon to be announced. Stay tuned…

Ottawa Gatineau Photo Classes

Better pictures through HarryNowell.com

#1044 – Online Photo Program – Black & White Environmental Portraits

Online Photo Program - © Al Garner

Online Photo Program – © Al Garner

We had a good crop of member photos from this month’s online photo challenge.

As usual, we set a photo challenge every month and we feed tips, links and videos throughout the month as members do their best to produce photos for the monthly critique.

Online Photo Class - © Barb McK.

Online Photo Class – © Barb McK.

This month we offered a DOUBLE challenge:
1. Environmental Portraits – photos of someone working/living in their natural environment.
2. Member photos had to be in Black & White – either converted in post processing or shot on film.

The private Facebook forum buzzed as members posted photos, offered criticism, ideas and encouragement.

Online Photo Program - © Gilles G.

Online Photo Program – © Gilles G.

The whole process helps photographers grow. Comments this month:

• “I had lots of fun this month. I wasn’t too confident coming into this month’s challenge.  After posting my three pictures on the Facebook forum and receiving such helpful and positive feedback, I felt much better.  What a great community!

Online Photo Course - © Brooke B.

Online Photo Course – © Brooke B.

• “There is zero chance that I would have taken these shots without the online photography program. I think the monthly assignments are starting to have a cumulative effect and my photography is steadily improving. I think I get the biggest bang for my buck from the online program. Keep it coming!

Online photography feedback

Online Photo Course – © April L.

• “I have been learning for over 6 months through one-on-one Creative Fundamental course, Lightroom course and the On-line Program which I absolutely love.

These courses combined, have taken my photography to a whole new level. I have learned so much and I have a much better appreciation to the complexities and creative side to photography and, I am having so much fun.
Thanks so much Harry.  I am still learning and I will be for a long time.  You are an exceptional teacher.“Good work this month, members!

Want better photos?
Join us!

Online photography forum

Online Photo Program – © Cheryl K


Online Photography Course - © Morina R.

Online Photography Course – © Morina R.

#1019 On Location Lighting with Blair Gable – Review

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Blair Gable

In October we offered On Location Lighting with Blair Gable.

Apparently, it went well:
It’s the best class I’ve taken, by far (this is my 11th photo class.)
GM – her first course at HarryNowell.com!

We do our best to bring you the best in photo workshops!

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Don Douglas

Students came with a mix of backgrounds but many were new, working photographers, advanced amateurs and past students looking to advance their skills.

A big thanks to Blair and his crew for sharing his talents and space.

Stay tuned… Blair will be back for 2 more photo seminar/safaris new dates coming soon – iPhone photography and Post Processing with Photoshop.

studio photography class - Ottawa/Gatineau

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Roberta G

It was a great way to boost my creativity – to push myself to try new things.

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience. Not only did I gain a lot from the class environment, I also gained a lot from the one on ones I had Blair.

“Good fun, very informative and inspiring to be more creative.”

studio photography lesson

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Genvieve Maurice

Lighting Lesson - Ottawa Gatineau

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Marc Lafleur

studio photo course - Ottawa

On Location Lighting Photo Class with Blair Gable – © Blair Gable


#1018 Online Photo Course – Student Successes!

Web based photo challenge

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Eryck B. – Dog is framed by focus and patio stone.

In October we ran a compositional challenge for members of our online photo program.

One of my pet peeves is messy, nasty backgrounds that pull and detract from a beautiful main subject.

Our challenge, “Framed,” was designed to help photographers make their main subjects pop!

Online Photo Program

Framed! – Online Photography Course © Liz Ruddick – Bear’s head is framed by dark green background…

Member photos made me smile!
And the program continues to create smiles:

This course has accomplished two things for me. First, it has renewed my love of photography and second it has made me a better photographer.

Web photo course

Framed! – Online Photo Course © Sara H. – White dress and black hair help separate the woman from the background. She’s also framed by the door!

I really do like the format and look forward to getting out more as it provides a purpose to taking photos with an objective/goal…and you provide very good advice and tips which everyone can benefit from.

Online Photo Course

Framed! – Online Photography Course – © Willa M – The person is framed in beautiful circle of light. The sun flare leads your eye to the main subject!

Thanks for another great challenge this month. I found myself looking for ways to frame almost everything I saw over the last few weeks!

Congratulations, everyone!
Join us for the Online Photo Program
@ HarryNowell.com.

Web photo challenge.

Framed! Online Photo Challenge © Don D. – Photographer is framed in the middle horizontal rectangle of the background. Nice silhouette!

#1009 Creative Fundamentals Photo Class Review

Another session of our classic course is complete.

We’ve been running Creative Fundamentals since 2001 and it quickly became popular with people who were intimidated with f-stops, manual exposure mode and grey snow in their photos.

photo class Gatineau Park

Creative Fun – Photo Workshop – Gatineau Park © André Tognarelli

The course offers the fundamentals of photography in simple, easy to understand terms. People often join the course scared to shoot in manual exposure mode and, by the end, capture good exposures in tricky mixed lighting scenarios.

The students did well…

We often teach this course as a Custom Course.

Dates are up for the next group session of Creative Fundamentals in April 2014.

Photo Class Ottawa

Silhouette Photo – Photo Class – © Judy Scott

New, Advanced Creative Fundamentals II
For many years students have asked us to run a follow-up session to challenge and solidify  their fundamental skills.

Well, now is your chance to test your skills further. We take the core material of Creative Fundamentals and take you further. We assume you have some experience in Manual Exposure Mode and help you:
• recognize/capture advanced exposure scenarios
• maximize control of Depth of Field
• delve into creative compositional construction

Dates are set for May 2014

#1003 David Trattles SocDoc and Travel Workshop Student Success!

Photo course

© Robin Michetti
The Travel & SocDoc Photo Class with David Trattles

Thanks to everyone who joined Dave Trattles for his Ottawa session of the SocDoc and Travel Workshop at Ottawa Studio Works.
The course was full, again.

photo course

© Marc Nagainis – Assignment – David Trattles Photo Workshop

We’ve run this workshop many times and it often makes many people re-think photography!

People said:
“Great experience. Photography is so much more than f-stops and shutter speeds and Dave teaches this so very well.” 

“Loved it… the learning curve is high… What a character.”

“Great combo of tips, showing our work and critique…”

Photography Assignment

© Marcel Mathurin – Assignment – David Trattles Photo Workshop

Missed this workshop but want to soak up some of Dave’s wonderfulness? Join him for his “Best Quality South India Bicycle (and Photo and Yoga) Adventure.”

SocDoc & Travel Photo Class

© Robin Michetti -Assignment – David Trattles Photo Workshop

#994 Portfolio Reviews with David Trattles

Remember David Trattles?

David Trattles

David Trattles

He’s offering his popular Travel & Documentary Photography Workshop again. It sold out again.

As part of our Platform Sessions he has offered his expertise to people through portfolio reviews. It’s last minute and there are not many spots available…

Dave has kindly offered to meet with people One-on-One to review their photos and stories Saturday, September 14th afternoon slots at Ottawa Studio Works – 160 Preston St.

Half hour sessions are $50 + HST.

More details and registration…

#980 Online Program – Social Documentary Photos

I found so many levels of challenges within this month’s program but so far I have learned and grown far more than I could have imagined an on-line course could provide.

In July we offered what is likely the toughest challenge we’ve ever posted on our Online Photo Challenge – to capture a story through a social documentary style.

online photo course

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Photo Challenge – © Marcel M.

Social Documentary photography differs from photojournalism. Both offer stories but:
• Photojournalism tells the story within one single photo (think of newspaper stories.)
• Social documentary work tells in depth stories over weeks or months and offers a collection of photography to tell a story (think of National Geographic magazine.) ‘Socdoc’ usually deals with social issues and people.

Online photo course

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © David Burt

The social documentary challenge was tough because:
• it made people get involved with a story involving people or animals.
• it takes time. Many socdoc photogs spend months and many, many visits to learn about and capture their stories.
• Moments are fleeting – Technically perfect photos are less important than capturing the moment in SocDoc.

Online Photo Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Christine Payant

The group rose to the challenge and captured events, family, theatre, sports and (a popular subject) life at a local shop or boutique.

What members said this month:
• “It was a tough challenge this month. I’m excited to see what other people submitted to give me some new ideas – I have a feeling this challenge is going to be a bit of an ongoing project for me.” WM

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Gina Rifa

• “I loved every single moment. I grew so much so fast that I felt the growing pains! Normally I would be sad that it’s over but I know I have more fun to come so I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

Thanks for all your straight forward advice and always being so encouraging while pushing us all to be better.” LG

• “Thanks for your encouraging words.” BB

• “Boy this was a very tough challenge! I learned a lot from this assignment and I had a lot of fun getting to know Jim and the small town hardware business.” CP

Online Photography Class

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Willa Mason

• “This month’s challenge was the most effort of all so far but that is what made it fun for me.  I’m glad you pushed me…  I am pleased with the outcome.” MM

• “I like the challenge and how it’s stirring up ideas. It’s a great subject for the monthly challenge. It involves creativity and spontaneous photography to capture the in-the-moment images that are so interesting in Soc Doc photography! A very good challenge!” GR

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Course – Social Documentary Challenge – © Lynn Gaulin

August’s program starts this week and we have a challenge to help members break out of comfortable shooting patterns (and growing as a photographer!) by urging them to shoot a subject in new ways.

Missed the social documentary online challenge but want to explore this medium? Enrol in our Travel and Social Documentary Photo Class with David Trattles in September. At time of writing there are only two spots remaining – availability will change without notice.

Join us to develop your photo skills!

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Program – Social Documentary Challenge – © Don Douglas

Congratulations to ALL of the members. I am proud of your progress – with time, small steps will take you a long way!