#970 Online Photo Challenge Review

Our online photo program roars along with a new photo challenge every month. Members receive video lessons, tips, links and share ideas as they produce their best shots for the photo challenge.

June’s challenge was photojournalistic storytelling and members were guided as they created single photos that told stories within themselves.

Better Photos

Photojournalism Challenge – “One Photo Stories” Love – © Gina R

The creative challenges are often tougher than the technical challenges because there are fewer “recipes for success!” Still, participants rose to the challenge with some amazing photos.

Photo Critique

Photojournalistic storytelling – Online Photo Challenge  – © Maisie I

And they continue to enjoy the process!
Comments from the past month:
• “[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

• “Harry, you always keep me on my toes and throw in extra food for thought. I love it, thank you!

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Challenge – © Lynn G

I found this challenge to be very challenging. I got out shooting and I tried a new style that should help improve my images going forward.  It was a good exercise and (as always) it was helpful to see what others were shooting

Better photos

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © John D.

Thanks for another great challenge!

Photojournalism, a very good challenge… it makes you think about taking just a photo vs. a photo story.  Gives the photo taking purpose and helps with composition.”

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © Allan C.

This was my first challenge and I found it consumed a lot of my thoughts; I was excited, scared and felt hungry for the challenge … I do feel a little sad that it’s over but I will continue to use the story telling in all my photos in the future. I look forward to the July challenge.

Photojournalistic Storytelling - Online Photo Challenge - © Marcel M.

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge
– © Marcel M.

Want better photos?
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The online photo program helps you get the experience for better pictures.

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#966 – Rowing Photo Safari

Ottawa Rowing Photography

Ottawa Rowing Photography – © HarryNowell.com

We hosted a custom Rowing Photo Safari last week with Kelly McKean who works as a performance analyst with “Own the Podium” an organization working with athletes to achieve greater success at international events.

Want the same photo coaching experience? See below.

Kelly wanted to learn some hands-on practical experience shooting sports – photographing a rowing crew from metres away with the support of a veteran photographer (I’ve shot rowing for stock and editorial use…)

The Ottawa Rowing Club deserve a big thank-you for allowing us access to the action – THANKS!

Kelly: “The workshop helped bring my photography skill to the next level allowing me to capture precise skills of athletes in motion.  This is key for providing our olympians with feedback on their performance.”

How did the shooting go? We spent the evening reviewing some important photo elements for shooting sports and then following a rowing crew for their evening training session. She did well…

Ottawa Rowing photography

Rowing photography © Kelly McKean

Kelly: “Learning in the uncontrolled environment of a rowing coach boat was really valuable for me.  There was a constant need to adapt the camera settings and composition of the photo to the changing environment (light, water, waves, motion of the coach boat, speed of the rowers, etc.).

Harry taught techniques that were specific to capturing the movement of the rowers and to telling a story.  I was given several assignments during the photo shoot and Harry provided feedback on the spot.  

It was a great learning experience.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Want the same experience?
The Ottawa Rowing Club is allowing us privileged access to offer this experience to others!

Dates possible are Thursday evenings – July 18, 25, and August 1st.The cost for three hours of one-on-one photo coaching alongside rowing crews is $275 + taxes. One person joins me per evening.

Interested? Let us know…

#952 One Year Anniversary – Online Program – Special Offer!

Happy Anniversary to us!!
A year ago, in June, we added the Online Photo Program to our list of photo classes to help bring our well-loved photo courses to people beyond Ottawa!

It was a lot of work and we weren’t sure quite what we were getting into!
But… what we did create has people coming back for more!

First photo challenge - self portraits © Jane B.

First online photo challenge – “self portraits” © Jane B.

Members keep sending in comments saying how the program has helped them:
• be more active photographers
• learn in a fun environment
• be part of a community of photographers looking to improve their skills.

First Online Photo Challenge "Self Portraits" © Maisie I.

First Online Photo Challenge “Self Portraits” © Maisie I.

Whatever the Online Photo Program does, I am seeing people improve their skills and produce better and better photos!

See last month’s online photo program review for more member photos and comments!

See part of the first critique session ever on the Online Photo Program:

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First Online Photo Challenge "Self Portraits" © Cheryl K.

First Online Photo Challenge “Self Portraits” © Cheryl K.

#950 – Online Photo Class – May’s photo challenge review

Last month on the Online Photo Program we gave the members the challenge of Slow Photos – where we asked them to shoot with a shutter speed of 1 second or longer. That’s tough to do!

This month the photography class challenge was Fast Photos where we asked members to use a fast shutter speed to freeze any action to show implied motion in their photos. It’s also a tough challenge!!

Better photos - Online Photography Course

Better photos - Online Photography Program - "Fast Photos / Implied Motion Challenge" © Al G

And the online programmers rose to the challenge! As usual I was impressed with the work they did and the results. We have a private Facebook group for members to share and exchange ideas – it’s nice to see people help each other grow.

The Online Program Experience
I don’t know any photo program offered like ours. It’s not quite a photography course… it’s more of a ‘group-exploration-of-photo-challenges.’

We offer a new photo challenge every month and support photographer’s development with:
• a video lesson
• course notes
• photo tips
• web links
• equipment suggestions
• support
• weekly lesson by email
• a Facebook based forum for members to share AND
• a video critique of member’s photos to wrap things up.
In all there are four weeks of programming every month. All for $30 a month, purchased as a 6 month block.

Better photos - Online Photography Course

Better photos - Online Photography Course - "Fast Photos / Implied Motion Challenge" © Kevan E

Member comments from May’s challenge keep coming in with praise for the program:
“Thanks so much Harry, couldn’t have done it without you and the online course.”
• “I am very much enjoying the challenges and the format of what you’ve created here with the online program. For me, just the right balance of freedom to work at your own pace and structure to keep you honest and get something done.  With good advice along the way. I appreciate it, and am very happy to support it.”
• “It was a tough assignment and needed a lot of elements to come together for it to work. But a great learning experience. I’m loving this and the FB group is terrific.”

Better photos - Online Photography Course

Better photos - Online Photography Course "Fast Photos / Implied Motion Challenge" - Ken C

• “I like the program a lot, it keeps me on track. I wouldn’t be using my camera as much if I wasn’t taking the program.”
• “I am really enjoying the program. My intent when I signed up was to help me get creative, and off my butt and do some shooting. I find I’m more creative if I have a goal or deadline of some sort. Making one up didn’t work.
I think the timing (a month for a challenge) and its spacing is perfect. And I enjoy seeing other’s work and getting feedback, especially the criticisms. Tough to take, but the best way to learn. I’m already looking forward to the topic for June.”

Coming In June we’ll be looking at one type of story-telling with your camera. Join us!

Better photos - Online Photography Class

Better photos - Online Photography Course "Fast Photos / Implied Motion Challenge" - Cathy V

#925 $5 Critique Sessions

Last month we published our monthly Exposed! photo newsletter and started offering a critique session for $5 based on the homework from the newsletter.

This week we send out the latest photo newsletter with another opportunity for learning through a critique video – we continue the introductory critique offer of $5.

Photo Critique Video
What does a critique video look like?

… Like the one below from our Online Program. Their challenge that month was to photograph CLOSER!! to their subject.

Stay tuned. Hone your skills.
This month’s newsletter is about pushing the envelope of your creativity.
And you get a critique for just 5 bucks as we launch the service.

 Watch the video critique on Youtube.

#914 Perspective on Photo Perspective

Last month we offered our regular monthly newsletter and offered a critique session to the homework challenge we offered.

February’s newsletter was all about perspective – how to show depth in your two-dimensional photos.

Al G, who’s taken many of our workshops, gave his perspective on the subject. We like it! A lot.

Thanks Al. Stay tuned for March’s newsletter, homework challenge and opportunity for critique! Join the photo newsletter list.

Perspective photo critique

Perspective photo critique - © Al Garner

#182 Contest at HarryNowell.com

A few weeks ago I mentioned a photo contest at the blog of HarryNowell.com

Do not send any photos! This is a set of photo skill testing questions based on Iceland. A winner will be drawn from a collection of appropriate answers. The prize? A free live critique session in central Ottawa, Canada or an email based critique session for the rest of the world.

The questions:

  1. Describe the technique, lens & shutter speed used to capture this Reykjavik home:Iceland house
  2. Where in Iceland would you go to photograph spectacular waterfalls?Iceland waterfalls  Iceland Waterfalls
  3. Are there opportunities in Iceland to photograph spectacular bird life?

A winner will be picked from reasonably correct answers in early January. See our Iceland photo report from our Exposed! Newsletters. Also see Icelandic blog posts 104-109.

Interested in an Icelandic Photo Safari? Stay tuned…